Delaware Mobile Home Sales Listings

2007 Summet Crest 28x40 3br 2ba
Barkers Landing
WE WILL BE GLAD TO PROIDE YOU WITH YOUR CREDIT SCORE. JUST CALL US TODAY. Generally you will need a minium of 10% down. The worst case you will need 35% down. A score of 680 or higher needs 10% down, 650-680 requires 20% downbr a score below 650 requires 35% down. These buyers must purchase a home $28,000 or more and put a minimum of $9,800
There is no fee to apply for a loan.
2005 Fleetwood 16x80 3br 2ba
Fox Pointe
Sale Pending
2009 Fleetwood 24x56 3br 2ba
Hartly Mobile Home Park
1995 Norris 28x68 3br 2ba
Hedgerow Hollow
Sale Pending
1970 Marlette 12x 64 with tip out and addition 4br 1 1/2ba
High Point 55 Plus section
1985 Liberty 14x70 2br 2ba
Holly Hills
Sale Pending
2007 Colony 16x80 2br 2ba
Lake forest
Sale Pending
2003 Shultz 28x46 3br 2ba
Pinewood Acres
Sale Pending
1989 Derose 28x56 3br 2ba
Pinewood Acres

Hunter In Park Mobile Home Sales
3966 N. Dupont Highway, Dover, Delaware 19901
Phone: (302) 734-4509 | FAX: (302) 734-0563